E-Government is now the main goal for each country due to the direct impact on activities of public sector organizations and reducing government operation cost at the same time, thus each government’s office has to be connected with central service server or network. Regardless of the location, from a small government office in the rural area to an Embassy in the far end of the world NOVAsat can provide most suitable solution according to customer needs and applications.

VSAT have become a necessity for the all military entities that need lightweight, compact systems that able to move and deploy quickly and let them communicate with the command center for data transmission, voice calls and real-time video with ultimate security standards. Also, the VSAT can provide high-speed links to connect strategic locations to be used as main links or backup links for emergencies when the communications are the most critical aspect of such causes. NOVAsat has strong records working with all military entities in the kingdom which they are using NOVAsat services till this moment.

NOVAsat has extensive experience in developing VSAT network and service solution for C, Ku, Ka or HTS based networks for telecom operator or ICT service provider. NOVAsat has successful track record in developing, supply, install and maintain VSAT network and service of Saudi Telecommunication Company and Saudi Aramco and contributed successfully to achieving their business targets. NOVAsat has proven track record in providing state-of-the-art satellite-based solution to service providers ranging from simple SCPC, GSM backhauling to complex mesh and hybrid networks. NOVAsat VSAT network solutions are based on accurate, reliable and optimized network design according to business need.

Whether it’s offshore or onshore drilling rig all oil and gas companies are looking for Flexible, resilient and high-speed IP communications solutions in order to ensure their operations and productions continuity. Due to the lack of traditional terrestrial infrastructure in productions locations VSAT became the main solution for oil and gas companies to connect their rigs, another fundamental aspect related to VSAT in oil and gas industry is the VSAT antenna whether it’s Fixed, Auto Deploy or Stabilized, due to the very harsh environment in both offshore or onshore drilling rig rugged and reliable VSAT antenna is most in order to avoid service interruptions. NOVAsat has strong records addressing successfully all above requirements to the leading oil and gas companies in the region.

NOVAsat provides end-to-end ICT services and solutions to organizations making them more efficient on all fronts, we provide you with the suitable solution to your needs wherever your location is and whatever the nature of your application. From low bandwidth requirement for single satellite link up to huge VSAT networks with thousands of sites. NOVAsat runs presales and solutions activities as well as the customer loyalty for the enterprise segment that can benefit from our solutions based on the organizational requirements and infrastructure. NOVAsat has extensive experience in the implementation and customization of services targeted at developing, promoting, stimulating and supporting clients in setting up and running their ICT environment. We ensure reduction of technological and business risks of the project, as well as the complete fulfilment of customers’ requests. In addition to our solutions, we also offer a wide range of high added-value services.

NOVAsat can offer a reliable, secure high-speed primary or backup VSAT network solution for all your locations whether its bank branches with high-speed IP links requirements or ATM`s with ultra-low speed requirements. NOVAsat can offer you fully managed end to end VSAT network solution with security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity, availability of your critical bank operation.

NOVAsat can provide most suitable services and solution applications for Healthcare, such as:

  • Electronic Medical and Surgical Equipment
  • Medical Disposeable Equipment

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