Honoring Success partners and clients

Honoring Success partners and clients

Honoring Success partners and clients

After The company’s Annual iftar: NOVAsat Honored Success Partners and Clients

Riyadh – NOVAsat had the annual iftar alongside Al-Misehal group and its subsidiaries on 19th of April 2022, After Celebrating this great occasion, NOVAsat honored several success partners and clients.

The iftar was held under the presence of the CEO Mr.Mamoon Najm and the vice President Mr.Yaser Alshabrami with the group’s board of directors, After the iftar, they shared brief talks about the company’s and the group’s future, Confirming our continuous efforts in achieving NOVAsat objectives for 2022.

Afterward, NOVAsat CEO Mr.Mamoon Najm and vice President Mr.Yaser Alshabrami honored the success partners and clients of the company and their respected Representatives, our Special Success Partners and clients of 2021 included

  • Mobily
  • Channels by STC
  • Taqnia Space Co.
  • Taqnia ETS

NOVAsat sends its gratitude and wishes the best for all attendants and looks forward for the next annual iftar in 2023.

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